Join our dance-based fitness workouts. You'll feel revitalised, re-energised and refreshed!

Join our dance-based fitness workouts. You'll feel revitalised, re-energised and refreshed!

Class styles to suit you...


An exercise to music aerobic-based class. An effective total-body workout that strengthens muscles, helps maintain flexibility, building up fitness levels and stamina at your own pace. May include hips, thighs, bums and tums.


A full dance-fitness workout. Can be a fusion of different dance styles such as Salsa, Samba, Jazz, Latin or freestyle. If you enjoy music and dance this is the chance for you to shake your stuff while getting a dynamic, cardiovascular workout that tones muscles, develops core strength and improves agility, balance and co-ordination. Discover the dance diva in you...


A full body, lower-impact movement, exercise class to music, incorporating an intensity curve and floor work, that is rhythmical whole body workout. Concentrating on improving your flexibilty, strength and balance, while enhancing your posture, co-ordination and stretching through movement patterns.


An exercise to music class, suitably creatively choreographed and adapted to provide an effective workout. Mainitaining a healthy heart, cardiovascular strength, movement, flexibilty, rhythmic agility, balance  and co-ordination. May include hand held weights, resistance bands with handles, balls and bean bags for increased mobility, toning, co-ordination, stamina and balance. Seated exercise options available.

SeatedMoves - chair based

Chair-based aerobic and resistance training to music class. Concentrates on increasing overall power, strength, flexibilty and agility to perform everyday tasks. Helps with falls-prevention, spinal stability, stiffness, arthritic pain and depression and encourages activity to build and maintain fitness.