Return to Teaching

Returning to Keep Fit Association Registered Teacher Status

Have you been a Registered Keep Fit Association teacher in the past and are now interested in returning to teaching?

  • Do you enjoy your Keep Fit class but miss teaching?
  • Have more “me“ time now?


The Keep Fit Association has  a  Return to Teaching programe providing 1:1 support with your own personal trainer near to where you live.

This programme is available to teachers who have been out of teaching for more than three years but less than ten years:

To enrol on this programme, you must be a current member of the Keep Fit Association. Once you have completed your training, you will need to supply a copy of a current First Aid Certificate in order to affiliate as a teacher.


First Steps:


Maureen Watson
KFA National Training and Qualifications Secretary
T: 0116 2740692